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Through this 8-step Media Attention Checklist™, crafted by an experienced PR team that has created over 8,000 coverage successes for Singapore SMEs.

(In This Checklist) 8 Easy-To-Understand Steps
That Any SME Or Startup Can Use To:

Discover the most attractive aspects of your business that get your most-desired media to take note and start communicating with you

Find the most powerful press platforms that are highly relevant for your target consumers, potential investors and partners!

​Easily create pitch headlines that stand out from hundreds of ordinary pitches in any journalist’s email that they will hit that ‘reply’ button

Secure the attention of potential investors, talented employees & clients through HUGE brand visibility crafted by highly-trusted media matter how ‘difficult’ or boring you think your industry is.

Get your business stories featured successfully over and over again at no knowing how to explain your brand easily and accurately at a face-to-face interview with your desired publication(s)

This checklist content is personally provided by Jeremy Foo, CEO & Founder of Elliot & Co; he has helped over 1,000 SMEs and startups in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to secure regular media coverage.


That Any SME Can Use To Get Into The News More Frequently

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