Rise Above This Pandemic:
How To Elevate Your Brand Visibility & Stay Relevant To Your Consumers

Discover How You Can Get Into Malaysia’s Largest Media Titles With This 8 Step Media Attention Checklist™ Especially For SME Owners & Start-Up Founders

(In This Checklist) 8 Ultra Effective & Simple Steps During This Pandemic Situation

That Any SME Or Startup Can Use To:

Increase your sales revenue even in the current pandemic situation by finding the most powerful press platforms that are highly relevant for your target consumers, potential investors and partners so that you can reach your desired target audience.

Amidst the current situation especially, differentiating your business from your competitors is even more vital to survive. By getting your most-desired media to take note and start communicating with you, your business is able to stand out to your ideal audience pool.

Plan and get ahead of the game before the dust settles on the current pandemic. Secure the attention of clients, potential investors & talented employees through HUGE brand visibility crafted by highly-trusted media platforms...no matter how ‘difficult’ or boring you think your industry is.

Get earned media attention for your business even during this season where journalists are more often tuned to stories about COVID-19 by creating pitch headlines that stand out in any journalist’s email inbox so that they will hit that ‘reply’ button.

Elevate your brand credibility in these uncertain times by getting your business stories featured successfully over and over again AT NO COST! Learn how to explain your brand efficiently and accurately at a face-to-face interview with your desired publication(s).

This checklist content is personally provided by Jeremy Foo, CEO & Founder of Elliot & Co; he has helped over 400 SMEs and startups in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to secure regular media coverage.

​Some Popular Media Platforms Where Our Clients‘ Features Often Appear On:


That Any SME Can Use To Get Into The News Even During COVID-19

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