If You Use Our “OmniPresent” Media Stories System – You Will Attract More Trust and Goodwill to your Brand, Establish Yourself as the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Completely Over-shadow Your Competitors. At a Very Affordable Rate.

If your business is making at least 300k a year, it's now time to ramp things up.
Your KEY focus should be on 2 things - Brand Awareness & Credibility

SMEs and Startups that cannot generate sufficient brand awareness and garner enough attention to their products/services, will unfortunately get swallowed up in this fast-changing market by their competitors. 

Read this carefully. This is why it’s very difficult to get your potential audiences to know your stories and trust you.

⚔️You are competing against bigger companies in your niche who have much more capital and resources. To beat them, you need to keep grabbing attention from your audiences…essentially being “Omnipresent” for your company.

🔇Just being active on social media, having a beautiful website and writing blog articles doesn’t work. Unless you understand key messaging and distribution strategies; your efforts aren’t getting seen nor heard. 

⌚Outbound press releases and media pitches to journalists and influencers have very low conversion rates. You will mostly be ignored and you will waste a lot of precious time. It’s not scalable, and finding the right  hire can take YEARS to work.

💰Over the last 8 years, online advertising has been getting crazy expensive. Unless you’ve found a super-experienced marketing agency in your niche, you will burn your marketing budget without significant results.

👨‍💻Fast-paced technology growth has changed the whole branding industry. Only seasoned public relations professionals who are well informed of the latest trends know how to make branding work in the current media landscape. 

💸There are just too many platforms to test your branding efforts on. You will end up burning a lot of cash on testing various publicity platforms before eventually giving up.

Now imagine this for your business:

✔️Picture yourself easily positioning your business strategically in front of your most ideal audiences…everywhere on both online and offline platforms…driving unparalleled levels of interest in your products and services

✔️What if you could catch your competitors unaware, and SUDDENLY become the most trusted brand in your industry through Advanced Branding and PR strategies that no one else can replicate.

✔️And what if you could keep your brand CONSISTENTLY in the Spotlight (so it’s not a “Fluke” or “One-Hit Wonder”) with massive waves of brand awareness and innovative campaigns; that get people to talk and generate buzz about you, over and over?

✔️Also, if your brand stories could form deep, lasting emotional connections with your core audience…creating loyal fans that bring their friends and colleagues to your brand too?

How would that impact your business?

When you have a Brand Awareness and Credibility engine, that brings your business attention from your ideal audiences who already know so much about you and the stories you always wished to tell about your brand, that they want to trust you even more…

and when you can “keep” that engine running regardless of any changes in your industry…then you can get a stream of effective brand stories that create a compelling and effective brand presence…so you experience supercharged growth of your brand presence in the market.

To experience this super-charged growth, to continually cultivate a growing brand presence over time and to have compelling brand narratives on auto-pilot…you need a robust Brand Awareness and Credibility system for your organisation that is proven, sustainable and drives long-term results.

That's why we created the
"OmniPresent" Media Stories System.

“OmniPresent” Media Stories System is a proven solution that churns out “Goliath” brand awareness and trust for smaller “David” brands from any industry, by strategically positioning your business stories all over large media outlets – From The Business Times and CNA to the best trade publications that your ideal audiences follow.

It works like a charm and we’ve generated 8,000+ powerful media coverage for businesses in 7 years using our “OmniPresent” Media Stories System.

If you’re reading this, we are certain it will work for you too.

This is Our "Bulletproof" System That Grows Brand Awareness and Credibility Like Wildfire..

How "OmniPresent" Media Stories System Works (4 Steps)

✓ Step 1: Impactful Brand Storytelling

Firstly, we uncover “high-impact” stories from your brand that resonate DIRECTLY with your most ideal audiences and establish a powerful and memorable brand perception – through our unique 8-Steps Elliot Storytelling System (this system has ensured a 100% success rate on story features for all our clients across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.)

✓ Step 2: Multi-Network Targeting

We handpick the best media platforms, journalists and opportunities that we know will work for your business from day 1, based on your industry, the media landscape, potential brand stories and your requirements. 

When your brand stories are pushed out by these curated media options, you’ll be seeing the interest and trust in your company soar to unseen-before levels (As the longest-running PR agency in Singapore for SMEs and Startups, we see this happen all the time!)

✓ Step 3: More-than-just-Effective Outreach

One primary element of a successful brand campaign is the media outreach process…and most business owners can’t do well in this. 

While your competitors are stuck on trying to date the media, we’re already establishing longer-term relationships for you with journalists that matter most… our experience with journalists is the most extensive and our agency has the biggest volume of SME & Startup clients (Over 1,000!)

You will end up dominating the market with your brand stories, leaving your competitors in the dust.

✓ Step 4: Data Analytics Advantage

While we secure publicity and brand impressions from major media outlets, we simultaneously BUILD DATA for your business by leveraging cutting-edge digital tools typically only available for corporates, positioning you for continuous brand success.
Very few people have the knowledge and skills to do this correctly…we can only say this after having secured over 8,000 media features.

This is the “backbone” of what creates SUSTAINABLE brand growth in your company, stacking more brand awareness and credibility every month.


features secured


clients served


delivered in
collective pr value
*Benchmarked against the costs of
traditional newspaper and radio advertising

Here's What Our Clients Had To Say about the Branding Results We Keep Delivering:

"We are very satisfied with the PR results and the outcome! Elliot & Co, led by Jeremy and his team are professional and were able to understand our business core with depth quickly. They went above and beyond typical PR services and provided marketing advisory to help us create a clear image and message for the market. "
Lincoln Yin
CEO, RootAnt
Elliot & Co’s team went the extra mile to ensure that they positioned my firm in the best light in front of the journalists. They balanced our objectives with the story angles that journalists will go for. Their team has also worked tirelessly to accommodate my busy schedule. Due to their sincerity, they are able to achieve the results. I would highly recommend their PR services!
Sam Lee
Partner & Co-Founder, Paloe (Singapore)
"It's been a real pleasure working with Elliot & Co! It was my first experience with PR campaigns, and they were really assuring in guiding me through the process, very responsive, and keeping me updated at all times. They were able to quickly meet the deliverables, and I would be happy to work with them again!"
Rui Shan Chin
Director, Gooberr

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