case studies


Since its birth in 2013, Lalamove has tackled the logistics industry head on to find the most innovative solutions for the world’s delivery needs.

Approaching us with the goal of highlighting their one-year anniversary, we managed to secure media coverage and sustained voice through interviews in key broadcasting channels to position the brand as the go-to last mile delivery brand, whether for large organisations, budding startups and SMEs, or the consumer simply looking to move.


From our very first engagement, we secured strong media interest on the official launch of LamboPlace. 

We have also succeeded in positioning the brand as a thought leader in the e-commerce space, from aligning with the government budget plans to strategies for retailers in managing and exiting the Movement Control Order due to the pandemic.


Established in 2018, JomRun is currently the largest fitness app and ticketing portal for sporting events in Malaysia.

Through strategic PR efforts, JomRun has expanded into Indonesia after receiving more than 20 media features and has not only managed to expand presence among Malaysians and Indonesians but also successfully create communities of passionate and enthusiastic runners across Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.


Founded in 2015, HealthMetrics has quickly become Malaysia’s leading employee healthcare and wellness benefits platform.

Securing more than 30 features in relevant media platforms, HealthMetrics has been able to elevate its visibility among its target audience and cement itself as a comprehensive digital services provider and thought leader in the Human Resources (HR) space.


With more than 27 features in relevant media platforms throughout our 4-month engagement, Craftiviti has been able to elevate its visibility among its target audience as one of the leading suppliers for quality ingredients in the DIY personal care industry. We also hosted a media event where journalists were invited to craft their personal soaps in order for them to review the experience.


Vircle launched Malaysia’s first parent-controlled cashless payment and nurturing solution in 2019. Garnering 10 media features across 3 markets, Vircle managed to solidify its position as a perfect companion for parents and their kids, providing a convenient, contactless alternative to bank notes and coins.

Through us, Vircle has managed to be featured in one of Malaysia’s most widely read publications as well as a regional online publication.

Kayman Beauty

Kayman Beauty, with its range of safe and effective skincare products has strengthened its position as a healthy skin solution for Malaysians with substantial coverage in more than 15 relevant media outlets. To amplify their PR outreach we also facilitated several media review opportunities for an in-depth review on the media platforms.

Beard Brothers

Through our outreach, Beard Brothers garnered more than 20 features in the media.

Having engaged in a review session with members of the media, they managed to introduce the new additions to their menu and solidify their position as the pioneer of the “low and slow” Texan-style Halal BBQ in Malaysia.

Prestige CarCare

Founded in 2010, Prestige CarCare set out to become the premium car doctor for all continental cars.

With 10 features in most widely read publications online and offline, Prestige CarCare has managed to establish itself as an up and coming player in the premium car servicing and maintenance market. They have also given back where possible through community-enriching initiatives. This was done through strategic outreach to a variety of automotive media platforms.


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