case studies


Geniebook was able to establish its presence as one of Singapore’s leading EduTech companies with 15 features in relevant media platforms. During the COVID-19 crisis, Geniebook’s position was further solidified with timely media coverage about its efforts to help families and children during the Circuit Breaker period.

Primech A&P

With more than 15 media features in mainstream media platforms, Primech’s facility services gained prominence in the cleaning industry. We identified compelling stories about their founder, employees and core beliefs, strategically positioning the brand to the media in light of the pandemic. They continued to build on their expertise in the field with appearances in the media as a service provider during COVID-19.

DiSa (Digital Safety)

DiSa’s solution for disinfecting public spaces through its autonomous UV robot was positioned as an exciting possible ally in the fight against COVID-19, with substantial coverage in 9 features by major news outlets. These included in-depth interviews with DiSa’s founder about the company’s goals for its product.

Amazing Grace Bereavement Care

With key media mentions across top media platforms, Amazing Grace was able to elevate its visibility as a bereavement care provider in a person’s time of need. To amplify their PR outreach, we also undertook a lead generation campaign, bearing in mind the delicate nature of their work. The campaign resulted in 150 qualified leads for AGBC.


With 68 media features, the campaign was hugely successful at increasing awareness of TADA’s launch and its unique selling propositions compared to its competitors. Driver sign-ups for TADA increased 900% during the campaign, resulting in 9500 sign-ups by the end of the campaign, surpassing the initial business goal of 4000. This also gave them the impetus in expanding their business to the rest of Southeast Asia.


As an accelerator program seeking an extensive regional reach, K-Startup Grand Challenge 2019 challenged the team to garner interests from 6 countries in less than 2 months. The campaign resulted in a total of 1000+ SMEs and Startups, where the team assisted an intensive level of lead management to secure a 25% conversion for actual sign ups. This exceeded expectations from sign ups in previous years.


Considering the complex nature of DDI’s solutions, we identified a unique sales funnel that would be the most suitable in generating sales prospects for DDI. The campaign, which generated 131 leads across 8 weeks for DDI, focused on targeting HR professionals, later including CEOs and other decision-makers.


An impressive 105 mentions for Artbox across media platforms: We aided in building a stellar rapport between the media and the management team, where the Artbox management was commended for their responsiveness in handling any issues as well as the unique manner in which they ran the event


We undertook an extensive lead generation campaign for Advocado with the aim to reach potential clients for their F&B solutions services. During the campaign, our team was able to generate 120 highly qualified leads, by utilising an eBook downloadable that further increased Advocado’s branding as a thought leader in their space.


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