5 Reasons SMEs Need a Spokesperson to Front Media Interviews


Starting and growing a small business (SME) is such a fulfilling thing! Granted, it takes a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end.
One of the most challenging parts of having an SME is getting people’s attention.
That’s why it’s so important to have effective marketing strategies.

Marketing Is Not the End All, Be All

The problem is that marketing alone won’t get your business far on its own. You also need to leverage the power of public relations. Today, we want to explain why it’s essential to have a spokesperson to front media interviews.

You may already know that your business needs to have a face and a voice. The key here is that the voice needs to be confident and have the necessary skills to deliver your message effectively. This is how you can position your SME at the forefront of people’s minds.

When done right, interviews are an amazing public relations tactic that makes your brand more credible and personable. However, you need someone to speak for your brand.

So, let’s explore what a spokesperson brings to the table and how they can benefit your SME!

5 Reasons You Need a PR Spokesperson to Front Media Interviews

  1. They Will Advocate Your Company Values

Since the spokesperson is the face and voice of your SME, they are the best person to advocate your company values. Nowadays, brand responsibility is more important than ever. Consumers want to support brands that align with their own values.

Consumers want to know about your company values and understand the kind of impact you’re trying to make. A spokesperson can communicate those values beautifully in interviews and explain, through storytelling, how your SME makes a positive difference in the industry and community it operates.

  1. They Will Boost Credibility

A spokesperson will be perceived as a less biased communicator. As the founder of your SME, you can certainly be the face of your business. No one knows more about it than you do. However, having a spokesperson allows you to change the angle a bit.

Having another person offer information about your business is a great way to build trust and credibility. Not to mention that a spokesperson is trained in facing the public. They know how to act and what language to use to make sure the message has maximum impact, which is not something all business owners have.

  1. They Will Help Increase Brand Awareness

Having a spokesperson give interviews is a much more effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility. Marketing can only go so far, but having someone speak for your brand will connect with a lot more people. It allows your SME to have a greater reach and take a place under the spotlight all businesses are fighting for.

  1. They Help Manager Bad Publicity

To be completely honest, bad publicity is almost impossible to avoid. Eventually, all businesses, no matter their size, are faced with PR disasters. When the time comes, it’s very important to have a spokesperson your audience already recognizes and trusts to help your business navigate the crisis.

A huge part of public relations is having a strategy in case anything goes wrong. Bad publicity can be very harmful, so there has to be a strategy in place to cushion the blow. A spokesperson will deliver that strategy perfectly; they will know how to act and how to deliver the message to turn the tide back in your favor.

  1. They Provide a Human Extension

A spokesperson will become the human extension of your SME, which will help your brand be more relatable and credible. They will create a strong connection with your target audience through presence and storytelling. This will help your SME establish credibility not just with the audience, but also with the media and possible investors.

Having a spokesperson allows your SME to respond quickly to inquiries from the media, effectively giving you a leg up on your competition. Spokespersons are likable, quotable, which means word will spread quickly, and the gatekeepers of your SME.


Having a PR strategy will help your SME succeed and have a stronger position. That’s where Elliot & Co comes in! We are a PR agency that helps SMEs and startups in Singapore and Malaysia get featured on major news outlets without overcharging.

Our team of experts can craft unique stories and we leverage the latest digital tools to maximize impact. We understand how to make SMEs stand out in this highly competitive market and you can benefit greatly from what we have to offer.

Once we help you fine-tune your PR strategy, you will need a spokesperson to be at the forefront of your SME. We hope today’s article helped you understand why so you can make the right decision for your business.

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