First of all, congratulations! Having your stories told by the press is an amazing achievement, be it a news outlet or broadcasting station or even an online blog. Your next thought (and rightfully so) is probably: “Great! Now what?”

Letting the coverage do the talking for you is good, but there’s a way to go from good to great — at absolutely zero cost.

Here are 3 deceptively simple (yet incredibly effective!) steps on how you can use your existing business platforms to amplify the impact of having your brand name featured in the media:

STEP 1: Start sharing all your precious brand mentions and features on your official social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it!

STEP 2: Make a highlights reel / digital collection of earned media features, so it becomes a one-stop, easy-to-share showcase of your media chops.

STEP 3: Jazz up your business assets by including your best coverage on your website, corporate decks and pitches, and even email signatures.

Want some detailed tips and tricks on how to do these 3 steps better? Or some examples to help you get started? Good thing we have experience growing more than 1,000 young companies across Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia!

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